MobileBG is a free backgammon game for J2ME-capable mobile devices. MobileBG is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It features three difficulty levels, a tutor mode, automatic saving and restoring of games and matches, and cumulative statistics for wins and losses. It is based on artificial neural network technology.

A mobile FIBS client, MobileBG FIBS, is also developed here.




Source code and JAD/JAR binary releases are available at the Sourceforge project files page.

Current Release

The current release is 0.9.6. The easiest way to install the game is to use your mobile browser, and download it from

  1. Open on your mobile browser
  2. Select Quick Download
  3. Enter quick download code 8301

Preview Release

The current preview release is 0.9.6+20061017. This adds display of the match length, and the display of pip counts. The JAR is about 3 kB larger than 0.9.6.

Manual Install

You may also install the game by downloading and extracting the ZIP file, containing the JAD and JAR files, from the files page, and installing it over Bluetooth or a USB cable, depending on your mobile device and your software configuration.

Gammu users may install the game by downloading and extracting the ZIP file, and, in the same directory as its contents, running:

gammu --nokiaaddfile Game MobileBG


MobileBG should run on many devices compatible with MIDP 1.0. A color or grayscale display is required (simple black and white will not work). Either the current release or a previous version is known to work on the following hardware models:

The following models have not successfully run MobileBG:


The Sourceforge project page is at

MobileBG was written by Markus Herven. He is no longer maintaining the software. The goal of this project is to continue distribution of the software and to provide bug fixes on the original code.

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